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Switch off Incandescent Bulbs, Switch On CFL

Many science led inventions and discoveries provided us with great relief and relaxation. However, the same innovations, gifted their negatives also, though being projected as boons for mankind. The traditional light bulb can be the best suitable example.

The traditional light bulbs or incandescent bulbs despite helping the world come out of darkness, have threatened, constantly, to add continuous menaces to an already on-the-edge eco-system.

For long the scientists and technologists had been in search of its alternative. After some some trials, they came up with CFL's or compact fluorescent lamps, as said in full.

Though their explicit advantages are very much visible, the peoples' indifference towards their usage has lessen their potential contribution in making this world a better place.

Almost 12-15 percent of world's electricity is consumed to provide sufficient light. Ironically, a major share of the energy assigned to the lighting purpose is irrationally consumed by those inefficient traditional light bulbs.

Hence, their increased usage, due to booming infrastructures around the world, has led to nothing but climate destruction, global warming and paralyzed eco-system.

The traditional light bulbs' irrational energy-gobbling capacity, and more irrational ability of too-dim light production are evidences more than enough to force any responsible citizen to abandon their useage.

For example; according to a study, an incandescent bulb converts only 4-5 percent of consumed energy into light. Surely, a complete wastage! However, a CFL, if used, can produce the same quantum of light saving more than 80% percent of energy.

Moreover, their life span is more than 8-10 times longer than any ordinary bulb. Definitely, it can be a best buy as it not reduces only the global warming dangers, it minimizes the holes in your pockets too.

The countries like Canada and Australia have initiated various programs to persuade people to switch to the use of CFL's. Last year, Paris saved almost 60-70 percent of light on Christmas while the lighting of Champs-Elysee, when they used these modern light bulbs.

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