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How To Hack Digg For Clicks ?

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Digg is the Online Social Media Platform for Submitting News Online.This is the one of the most popular news submitter sites on web.It was greatest updation on digg which make it very useful on indexing pages on google.Any website which has good amount of click on digg , can have proper indexing on google and good amount of generated traffics.

Many Digg users facing problem with some function of digg like Digg ads in Homepage ,Digg Navigation etc etc But some scripts helps you in getting out from this problem and help you surfing digg in yours own way.

There are many popular scripts with the help of which one can change the interfaceand various functions of digg to make it very user friendly.

  • Digg Rating Extender - Shows both the up and down diggs as well as the total rating. Updated for the new comment system to show all the data instead of just the rating or just the up/down.
  • Digg Friends Easy - Digg Helper For New Digg. Puts a “diggit” next to every post under friends and submissions section.
  • Digg 3.0 Ad Remover - This script adds CSS code that hides ads on the digg homepage, and also resizes the story description and comments to use up the now free space.
  • Addundigg - Adds an “undigg” option for every digg story you have dugg so you don’t have to go into your profile to undigg.
  • Digg Forward 1.0 - Forward you to target page and skip Digg Website when you browser Digg via Internet Browser and Rss Reader. Now you can click on the Digg feed link on your own feed reader, my script will bring you to target page and forget Digg intro page.
  • Digg Washer - Adds a small, user-friendly app under the All News section of a Digg page that allows you to specify keywords or topics by which to hide articles. It can also toggle on/off the sidebar.
  • Digg w/ Images - If there is an article on Digg linking to a picture, it will display that picture on the Digg page. Fits well within Digg style.
  • Digg - Colorize links by category - colorizes Digg links based on category,This script colorizes links on the index pages of digg.con based on their category.
Note : All this script work with on Firefox after installing Greasemonkey

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