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How To Play YouTube Videos in Firefox Using YouPlayer

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YouTube has provided a great way to watch their favorite video directly from Firefox sidebar.YouPlayer is a Firefox extension developed by Wojciech Walewski, that a adds a sidebar where you can drop YouTube links to create and organize a YouTube videos playlist, and a small area to display the videos and play controls making a cool compact video player embedded right inside your browser.

It basically allows you to play videos from your favorite video sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, MySpace right from within your Firefox sidebar.

Users can make a playlist of videos and watch them while surfing the web. It kills the limitation of staying on a browser window to watch a video and allows you to enjoy it virtually anywhere you go.

Once you install this extension simply click the red YP button on the bottom right section of Firefox to bring up the YouPlayer sidebar. To start watching videos, all you have to do is drag the video link from your browser to the playlist section and double click it.

Download YouPlayer For Firefox : [Download Youplayer Addon]

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