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Samsung Printers To De-stress The Users

Famous for its wonderful innovations, Samsung Electronics has launched a couple of qualitative compact printers which are not only cost effective but they are here to lessen the work stress in the office too.

These mono laser printers, ML-1640 and ML-2240 , have been made, according to Samsung officials, especially for home based offices.

Madhav Narayan, general manager, Samsung Gulf Electronics, said, “Samsung understands the challenges that businesses face in an increasingly competitive environment, and have developed a range of intelligent total printing solutions to meet business users’ most pressing needs.”

As he says, these office automation products are loaded with many features to serve a user in the most possible ways. Their optimized mechanism can give a noiseless printing, that too at a great speed. Hence, these features make these printers most effective for low budget offices and home-based users.

Not only that they are here to execute printing efficiently, they are beautifully colored as well. The ML-2240 comes in black and grey finish, while the ML-1640 looks sleek black.

Their paper tray dispensers can hold 150 sheets at a time which prevent a user from early re-stocking. Further, the ML-2240 has an output capacity of 22ppm, while ML-1640 can print as much as 16 pages per minute. These features help a lot to save time in an already busy office.

The latest models are told to be too cost effective. Both models come with “ Toner Save” buttons on them. They are capable of saving more or less 30 percent of toner. Definitely, this feature will help a lot to save cost and toner.

Moreover, the “Error LED” on these printers help a user to deal with the printer problems easily and quickly. This results in less disturbances in the office related operations.

Apart from causing minimized troubles in the office, they have the added features to help a user reduce the noise factor immensely. To the much comfort of users, these two printers, ML-1640 and ML-2240 can work producing noise of 50 decibels and 51decibles only.

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