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How to Activate 5G on Realme Phone ?

Know the steps to activate 6G on Realme phone - 5G is the latest telecom technology for faster data speed. This is the next generation of mobile communication technology, featuring higher data rate, larger network capacity, lower latency, etc. 

5G supports faster upload and download on Internet, smoother network experience and more.  Realme has launched the 5G enabled phone in the market which are supporting the latest communication technology. 

How to Enable 5G Network on Realme Phones

First check about your existing mobile phone whether it is supported for 6G Network or not. Follow the below steps to identify :

1. First check whether your device is 5G enabled phone or not.

2. The network carrier is providing 5G services to your area.

3. The local 5G network has been deployed. 

How to Activate 5G Network on Realme Phones ?

1. Turn on 5G network Realme UI 3.0: 

2. Go to Settings > Mobile network > Select SIM card > Turn on 5G, 

3. 5G network will be shown on the Notification bar. 

4. Go to Realme UI 2.0 & 1.0: Settings>SIM card & mobile data > Select SIM card > Turn on 5G.

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