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UFC 111 Results

Matthew Riddle d. Greg Soto via DQ
After Riddle won the first two rounds, but in the third, Soto kicked Riddle with an up kick while Riddle was down which is an illegal blow. The doctor stopped the match, because the side of Riddle's face swelled up to Elephant Man proportions.
Jared Hamann d. Rodney Wallace via decision
Boring fight, with the show off to a sluggish start with a DQ and this fight. All three judges scored it 29-28 for for Hamann. All three judges gave Wallace the first round.
Rousimar Palhares d. Tomasz Drwal via submission to a heel hook
It looked like Drwal slipped throwing a kick about a minute into the first round and Palhares slapped on the heel hook immediately. Drwal tapped right away, but Palhares kept it on even after the ref tried to pry him off. Another spot that makes the sport look bad. Palhares apologized after the match.
Ricardo Almeida d. Matt Brown via submission to a triangle
Brown just danced around and didn't seem to want to do anything, as we get another boring fight. Almeida trapped him in a body triangle in the second round, got the choke and Brown tapped out.
Nate Diaz d. Rory Markham via ref stoppage
Midway through  the first round, Diaz started connecting with punches. Markham got knocked down by a knee and Diaz just wailed away on him until the ref stopped it. Diaz looked like a star here, because Markham outweighed him by 30 pounds.
Jim Miller d. Mark Bocek via decision
This fight could have gone either way. A great back-and-forth fight. All three judges scored it 29-28 for Miller.
Jon Fitch d. Ben Saunders via decision
Wow, this may have been the most boring fight of the year. They both should try out for Dancing with the Stars. Yawn. All three judges scored it 30-27 for Fitch.
Kurt Pellgrino d. Fabricio Comoes via submission to a choke
In the second round, Pellegrino took Comoes down and got him in a choke. Comoes tapped.
Shane Carwin d. Frank Mir for the Interim heavyweight title
Carwin forced Mir against the cage midway through round one and just unloaded on him with punches. It was just vicious. Mir went down and Carwin didn't let up. The ref had to stop it before someone got killed. And guess who comes to the cage? Brock Lesnar. Lesnar takes the microphone and says that Carwin is wearing a phony belt and that his (Lesnar's) belt was the real title belt. Carwin actually agreed with him. It's on for July 3.
Georges St-Pierre d. Dan Hardy via unanimous decision
Judges scored it 50-43, 50-44 and 50-45.

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