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Yahoo Meme Twitter Clone Review, Yahoo New Microblogging Sites

Meme is the new micro blogging service from Yahoo similar to twitter. Meme doesn't have an API yet. so third-party developers can't write new desktop and web tools for it.

Available Languages :

Spanish, English, Portuguese. i am sure that this list will grow in he coming days.

Menaing of MEME :
A “meme” is commonly known in the web as some kind of content that spreads fast and draws everyone’s attention. The term itself was created by Richard Dawkins and published in his book “The Selfish Gene” in 1976. It refers to a specific fragment of culture or behavior that’s multiplied between individuals, similarly to what happens with genes in the field of biology.

You can upload photos & post text (without a 140 character limit).

Link YouTube videos (just copy and paste the URL)

Add links to MP3 files.

You can share your text, images, videos, music e.t.c in Meme while you just have an option of text sharing in Twitter.

No RT (ReTeweet) in Meme, rather you have “Repost” plus there’s an integrated widget to count your Reposts.

Video sharing option in Meme is from youtube only.And you have to use links for sharing mp3’s, you can’t upload them.

Meme doesn’t have an API, so no desktop or any other tool for now at least.

“Followers” same for both Meme and Tweeter.

No @Replies and DM (Direct Messages) in Meme like Twitter

100 words description and a choice of avatar selection after creating a profile(in Meme).

Meme Doesn’t have a 140 characters word limit.

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