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How To Select Best Web Hosting Plan ? Solution and Top Reasons

Most web hosting providers offer more or less the same package of hosting solutions, with additional various services thrown in that often set companies apart from one another. Thus, small business owners first need to identify their web hosting needs, and then choose the web hosting provider whose package best suits those needs.

What Aspects to Gauge When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Disk space and bandwidth: This refers to the amount of space your website needs and the approximate amount of data it will generate. If your website is graphic-heavy, for example, you'll probably require more disk space and bandwidth.

Programming Tools and the Operating System: While most web hosting services run on UNIX-based operating systems, using Linux or BSD, you should choose a web hosting provider that allows for a Windows-based OS if applications run on your website require ASP, .NET, MS SQL, or SBS.

Pricing: You won't always need additional web hosting services beyond a basic package. Know your website's needs, and research the web hosting market well to find the hosting provider with the best-priced package for you.
Technical Support: Technical support is available up to 24-hours-a-day via phone, live chat, and email. For an online store open to potential customers around the world, 24/7 tech support is practically indispensable. If your target audience is more locally-geared, however, then your technical support needs would likely be more limited as well.

Security: No good website would want its security compromised, so it's important that the web hosting service you choose constantly be monitoring and protecting your website.

FTP access: While many web hosting providers have built in design templates that allow you to build your own website, not all web hosts allow you to expand your website's capabilities with time. The more FTP access you have, the more pages you'll be able to upload to your website.
Reliability, Speed, and Security: Some of the top web hosting companies are industry leaders specifically because they ensure the best website reliability, the least amount of security breaches, and the fastest data transfer and web surfing speeds. Ask your friends to name a few web hosting companies and you'll probably find that the names of the best ones come up over and over again specifically for these reasons.
Customer Support: In today's globalized world, with website businesses essentially "open and active" 24/7, support to customers worldwide is a must-have for larger companies. The good web hosting companies make technical support available through many various mediums, including live chat, email, and telephone. You can often distinguish between good and bad customer support services by response time.
Pricing Plans: It's important to remember that that the cheapest web hosting plan isn't necessarily the best. Identify your business' web hosting needs, do your research, and try to get the best bang for your buck.

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