How to Fix Frequent Buffering Problem with Xiaomi Mi TV Stick ?

Fix Frequent Buffering Problem with Xiaomi Mi TV Stick - Xiaomi has launched the much awaited MI TV Stick and stands as a direct competitor to the Amazon Fire TV Stick. There are many users who are facing issues while using the Tv stick. 

Just check out the common problems and solutions for Xiaomi Mi TV stick. 

Problem : Frequent buffering & screen stuck issues while watching online video with Xiaomi Mi TV. 

Follow the below steps in order to fix the MI TV Stick problem :

  • Setting- Network- enter the network related Settings- turn on the manual setting, then the DNS server can be changed manually. 
  • Restart the TV after modifying the DNS of Xiaomi Mi TV network; 
  • Play online video to see if there is any improvement;  
  • Change DNS server address to or and select to submit
  • If problem still exists
  • Upgrade Xiaomi Mi TV to the latest system; 
  • If the above methods are invalid, you can try to restore the Factory Settings of Xiaomi Mi TV or 
  • Play video after entering recovery to clear data.
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