How To Stop Coronavirus Caller Tune in Reliance Jio ?

As per the instructions of the Indian Government, all the telecom companies are playing a 30-second audio clip as a default caller tune for their subscribers. The caller tune aims at spreading awareness about coronavirus and informs users about taking measures to avoid being a victim or spread the deadly disease. 

 In case you do not wish to wait for the message to end and want to immediately connect to the caller, there is a way out. 

How to skip the coronavirus message on Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, Jio and other telecom operators:

 —  Dial the number. 

 — Wait for the message to begin and then tap number (1)

 — After pressing 1, you will be redirected to the original caller tune as the call connects. 

 Currently, there is no way to stop the message from repeatedly playing every time you make a call. This means that users will have to follow the steps mentioned above in order to skip the coronavirus alert message. 
 The 30-second audio alert comes with a coughing sound, followed by a message that informs people to take precautionary measures like washing hands with soap to avoid spreading coronavirus. Further, users can reach out to the nearest health facility or dial the helpline number 011-23978046 to get more details. 

Our aim is not to encourage our readers to skip the coronavirus alert message and suggest using the steps above only during an emergency.a
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