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How To Update Android Marshmallow on Lenovo K3 Note ?

Lenovo K3 Note Android Marshmallow Updates Started - Smartphone maker Lenovo has released the latest Android Marshmallow update for their most popular K3 Notes Smartphone. 

Android Marshmallow updates have been notified as OTA update on users devices. Latest Android Marshmallow updates on Lenovo K3 note is updated with build number K50a40_S322_160314_ROW. 

The total size of download is 1657 MB which is currently slow and take almost more than 4+ hours to download completely at normal Wifi connection. This latest update contains Android 6.0 against the latest Android 6.0.1.

How To Update the Android Marshmallow on Lenovo K3 Notes ?
I too having the K3 notes and updated the device yesterday. In order to update the device follow the steps instructed here
You may update the device either on Wifi connection or combination of Wifi and Data connection. Before updation one must ensure that the speed of downloading data is very slow and approx time taken on my device was more than four hours.

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STEP 1. Go to Setting >> About Phone
Step 2 : Click on System Update
Step 3 : Choose the Network for downloading i.e. Wifi, Data Connection or Wifi with Data connection. Choose accordingly. No need to worry about as if any of the chosen connection interrupt, you may continue the download without fail after switching to different network.
Step 4 : Once the Update Get downloaded, Click Install and leave it.
Step 5 : System will automatically install all the updates approx 111 updates
Step 6. Phone will rebooted with latest Green Color Lenovo Icon.
Step 7 : Android Marshmallow Version with build number K50a40_S322_160314_ROW installed on your K3 Note
Step 8 : Android 6.0 is looking beautiful on my K3 Note

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Error Showing After build number K50a40_S322_160314_ROW installation of  Android Marshmallow
After installation of Android Marshmallow on Lenovo K3 Note the common error which would encounter related to USB Debugging and connection to laptop or computer device through phone via Personal Hotspot and USB tethering
After Android Marshmallow update on K3 note, I encounter error " Unfortunately Process stop working", Due to this error the USB tethering was not working through Lenovo K3 Note
Solution : After going through various Hit and trial, I found the solution for this. As you get the error you would be having option to choose option either "Exit" or "Try To Solve"

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Click on the option "Try To Solve". It will open the App Info Page. Choose the clear data option and reboot the phone. 
Or If the error continue, follow another solution
Go to Setting >Apps > All Option
Choose Setting option and click on it
Clear the cache and restart the system
Problem Solved
Note : Backup all your data before Installing the Android 6.0

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