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Does Freedom 251 Cheapest Mobile Offering a Scam ?

Does Freedom 251 Cheapest Mobile Offering a Scam ? - A popular question trending now a days on social media i.e. whether Ringing Bell company who is offering the world's cheapest smartphone Freedom251 at price less than $4 or INR 251 a Scam.How does a small company who doesn't have BIS affiliation would be able to provide the featured rich smartphone at such price.

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We have just tried to find out the certain point raised out from their advertisement in various newspapers and daily's.

1. This is to remember that the Parent company Ringing Bells who promises to made the cheapest smartphone offering had been registered only last year.

2. The parent company is not listed under Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which means that they are not certified to sell any product in India. 

3. If any company is not listed under BIS it means here is no guarantee of such products in the market.

4. Mobile Industry Body Indian Cellular Association (ICA) has informed that the possibility of offering such cheapest post is not possible after looking after the features and configuration. 

5. ICA insist that the Minimum price of the feature rich phone should not be less than USD 40 or INR 2700.

6. Handset feature 4-inch display, Qualcomm 1.3-GHz quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM. The individual price of each component is much higher than price of the phone. How would they manage to manufacture the 50,000 phone if considered the total booking as per now.

7. There is no givernment support in manufacturing part. It is the company initiative that they are manufacturing it under the Make in India campaign. Cabinet minister had been called just to inaugurate the company and not the phone freedom251.

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