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Reliance Online Recharge , Features, Options, Customer Care Number

 Reliance Global Calling Card includes the services like PIN-less dialing, 4-Digit and 2-Digit PIN Dialing, EasyDial, Smart calling, Simultaneous, Follow on Calling, Auto and IVR Recharge, Fax, STD codes,  e-cards, quick cards, Balance inquiry and electronic receipt facilities. 

The Reliance global calling card Call Rates are updated on their website of Recently, Reliance Global Call announced that the express dial services are available in more than 1500 Smart and Java based phone models. Calling card using Customers can now forget dialing toll free, Toll Access numbers and Pin numbers and enjoy the same excellent call quality at the touch of a button.

Reliance Global Service Features:

Pinless dialing:

If you call from a registered telephone, whether that’s a landline or mobile phone, there is no need to enter an access number or pin number before making your call.

Auto recharge:

You can set your account to automatically recharge your credit by a set amount so that you are never without the ability to make low cost international calls.

Easy dial:

You can set up your most frequently dialed numbers in your account and allocate them a 2-digit speed dial number, so you only have to dial two digits to make your call.

Refer a friend:

If you refer a friend who then signs up for a Reliance Global account you will win 60 minutes of talk time.

Fax facility:

If you have a fax machine, you can also use the Reliance Global network for sending your faxes.

Ongoing balance announcement:

Using your account preferences you can choose whether to hear a message telling you what your current available talk time is.

Smart Calling:

You can skip any of Reliance Global Call’s IVRs by simply pushing any of the keys from 1 to 9.

Digit Dialing:

With 4-digit PIN dialing you will be prompted to enter your 4-digit PIN when making a call from your registered phone number.

PIN less Dial:

This feature helps you to get directly connected to your destination number without dialing the PIN number.

Electronic Receipt:

Electronic receipt is a receipt of the last transaction (amount paid) made by the customer. You can print and save this E-Receipt. This receipt is available for both Prepaid and Pay after use customers.
Call Rates/tariff of Reliance global calling card :

If you want to know about call rates of calling card then go to the ‘Call Rates’ option given at the top of the website, click on it and select country, then you get to know call rates of landline and mobile.

Customer service Number:

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You can register for an account with Reliance Global online, or by calling their free customer service number as given below:

* India: 1 800 200 1005
* UK: 0800 376 9636
* USA & Canada: 1-888-673-5426
* Malaysia: 1 800 813 909
* Australia: 1 800 522 255
* New Zealand: 0 800 746 342
* Hong Kong: 800 900 031
* Singapore: 18002113313 / 3103 1063

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