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MapQuest 4 Mobile announced for iPhone

MapQuest has recently released a new application ‘MapQuest 4 Mobile’ for iPhone users.

The newly released application renders a unique digital mapping experience with distinctive features to help users get where they’re going. To offer a more hands-free experience, it comes equipped with Voice-Guidance feature – the newest addition to its Driving Directions.

The MapQuest 4 Mobile software provides clean smooth directions, including walking directions. Users may cotton to the landscape mode and the little icons along the bottom. In addition, it features off-route assistance (it warns users if they get off course and can automatically re-route them), nice point-of-interest integration, and plain-text search.

Further, the app provides several other innovative features such as an easy and intuitive interface that utilizes the large display and innovative multitouch technology. It also offers multi-point routing and draggable re-ordering capabilities.

With this app, users can now customize the icon that represents their location on the map, either with a stock ‘My Position’ icon or by using their own photographs.

The new MapQuest 4 Mobile App can now be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store.

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