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Google Chrome,Chrome OS source code released,OS screenshots

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Google finally launched its long awaited Chrome Operating System. The operating system was detailed at a press conference . The new operating system brings a dramatically different look and perspective to the market and just may give Microsoft and OS X some tough competition by reinventing a tired old wheel -- the operating system -- offering the first laptop/desktop OS built around the browser and web applications.

A Google engineer set the mood for the presentation announcing in the introduction, "Chrome is the foundation of everything we’re doing here."

Chrome OS is a lightweight Linux distribution based on Debian that uses a lot of open-source software: Host AP Linux drivers, PAM (an authentication mechanism), Syslinux (a lightweight bootloader), IBus (Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS), ConnMan (Internet connection manager), XScreenSaver and other software.

What is Google Chrome OS?
- the web browser is the most important program on your computer
- your browser is your operating system

Function and Advantages of Chrome OS

- design documents
- no hard disks, only solid-state drives
- verified boot
- security: the OS does not trust any app
- read-only root file system
- user data synced to the cloud
- automatic updates for the entire OS

HTML5: making the web more powerful
- powerful web apps

- web apps should use threads
- offline web apps

Converging trends
- netbooks have an explosive growth
- millions of users are living in the cloud

Chrome OS:
- instant boot
- Chrome on Chrome OS is faster
- every app is a web app

- all data is in the cloud
- browser security model

- 7 seconds boot time
- the UI is a work in progress
- easy to access favorite apps
- app menu
- panels: persistent lightweight windows (example: Google Talk)
- file browser
- local files open in web apps (including Microsoft Office online apps)
- native video player

Advantage of Google Chrome

Every Application in Google Chrome OS is a Web Application

Google Chrome Browser is Part of the OS Foundation

Google Chrome OS will Offer Easy Access to Apps

Panels Are Persistent

Google Chrome OS will Repair Itself

There is No Hard Drive

Google Chrome will not Run on Just any PC

Google Chrome OS Will Work Offline—Sort of      

Google Chrome OS download

Developers can the source code for Google Chrome OS from Chromium, the open source project’s home.

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