2016 Olympics Announcement, Rio To Host , Chicago Vote Out Of Olympics

Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympics, announced International Olympic Commitee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge on Friday.

Chicago was voted out in one of the most shocking defeats ever handed down by the IOC. US President Barack Obama's appeals for his adopted home town fell on deaf ears on Friday.

Tokyo was knocked out in the second round, surviving one round longer than Chicago.

Chicago had long been seen as a front-runner and got the highest possible level of support — from Obama himself. But he also only spent a few hours in the Danish capital where the vote was held and left before the result was announced.

 Tokyo had the lowest public backing in IOC polls, with 55 per cent of residents supporting the bid and 7.8 per cent strongly opposed.

Tokyo's final presentation on Friday to the IOC, while smooth and heartfelt, lacked the buzz that the Obamas and Rio generated. In short, Tokyo was simply overshadowed, failing to convince IOC members that it really wanted or needed the games...............................source@IBNLIVE
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