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Google Chrome New Version With More Features and Updates, Download New Chrome

Google has introduced the new fast version of Google Chrome for use. Almost exactly one year into Google's high-profile entry into the browser market dominated by Microsoft Corp, the Internet search giant is a distant No 4, with a market share of roughly 2.8 per cent.

For Google, Chrome is more than simply a browser, but part of a grand strategy to create a new Web-based operating system that could one day challenge Microsoft's control of the computer software market.

The Internet search company is readying a battery of updates, along with efforts to forge new distribution partnerships it hopes will soon make Chrome a much more significant player.

A much-anticipated Mac version of Chrome, currently only available for testing, will be released by the year's end, Google Product Management Vice President Sundar Pichai said recenlty during the same interview with Reuters at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Version 3.0 of Chrome for PCs, released on Tuesday, brings improvements to the browser's interface, including faster performance and "themes" that allow users to customize how the browser looks.

Analysts say Chrome's focus on performance has won it fans among the technologically savvy, but say the company needs to do more as it strives to broaden the product's appeal beyond the 30 million users Google currently claims.

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