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Google Skype Belkin's New Phone For Cheaper ISD Calls

Belkin’s new Google Skype phone, for such subscriber who call ISD frequently.

With Skype logged in, dial either a Skype number or a mobile number of a person overseas or in India. Calls rates are as cheap as Rs 1 per minute via Skype to other mobile phones overseas. However, making STD calls via Skype phone to other mobiles are not feasible, as its expensive. But if you have friends who are always logged in on Skype, the phone can be of excellent use. The drawback for the phone is its inability to work on other VoIP platforms and its low battery power.

Even though the company claims a talktime of two hours and a standby time of 30 hours, the phone’s battery gets discharged earlier.

The landline Belkin Skype phone is priced in India at Rs 7,300, the cordless Skype phone is much more handy and priced at Rs 9,712.

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