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MS Office List of Best Keywords Shortcuts

MS Office Best Shortcut List, Here is the complete best keywords shortcuts for windows office,for fast applications and working

MS Word keyboard shortcuts
Press To
Ctrl + A Select all contents of the page.
Ctrl + B Bold highlighted selection.
Ctrl + C Copy selected text.
Ctrl + X Cut selected text.
Ctrl + P Open the print window.
Ctrl + F Open find box.
Ctrl + I Italic highlighted selection.
Ctrl + K Insert link.
Ctrl + U Underline highlighted selection.
Ctrl + V Paste.
Ctrl + Y Redo the last action performed.
Ctrl + Z Undo last action.
Ctrl + L Aligns the line or selected text to the left of the screen.
Ctrl + E Aligns the line or selected text to the center of the screen.
Ctrl + R Aligns the line or selected text to the right of the screen.
Ctrl + M Indent the paragraph.
Ctrl + Shift + F Change the font.
Ctrl + Shift + > Increase selected font +1pts up to 12pt and then increases font +2pts.
Ctrl + ] Increase selected font +1pts.
Ctrl + Shift + < Decrease selected font -1pts if 12pt or lower, if above 12 decreases font by +2pt.
Ctrl + [ Decrease selected font -1pts.
Ctrl + Shift + * View or hide non printing characters.
Ctrl + Moves one word to the left.
Ctrl + Moves one word to the right.
Ctrl + Moves to the beginning of the line or paragraph.
Ctrl + Moves to the end of the paragraph.
Ctrl + Del Deletes word to right of cursor.
Ctrl + Backspace Deletes word to left of cursor.
Ctrl + End Moves the cursor to the end of the document.
Ctrl + Home Moves the cursor to the beginning of the document.
Ctrl + Spacebar Reset highlighted text to the default font.
Ctrl + 1 Single-space lines.
Ctrl + 2 Double-space lines.
Ctrl + 5 1.5-line spacing.
Ctrl + Alt + 1 Changes text to heading 1.
Ctrl + Alt + 2 Changes text to heading 2.
Ctrl + Alt + 3 Changes text to heading 3.
Ctrl + F1 Open the Task Pane.
F1 Open Help.
Alt + Ctrl + F2 Open new document.
Ctrl + F2 Display the print preview.
Shift + F3 Change the text in Microsoft Word from upper to lower case or a capital letter at the beginning of every word.
Shift + Insert Paste.
F4 Repeat the last action performed (Word 2000+)
F5 Open the find, replace, and go to window in Microsoft Word.
Ctrl + Shift + F6 Opens to another open Microsoft Word document.
F7 Spell and grammar check selected text and/or document.
Shift + F7 Runs a Thesaurus check on the word highlighted.
F12 Save as.
Shift + F12 Save.
Ctrl + Shift + F12 Prints the document.
Alt + Shift + D Insert the current date.
Alt + Shift + T Insert the current time.
MS Excel keyboard shortcuts
Press To
Shortcut key Action
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+D Fill Down
Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+G Goto
Ctrl+H Replace
Ctrl+I Italic
Ctrl+K Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl+N New Workbook
Ctrl+O Open
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+R Fill Right
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl W Close
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Y Repeat
Ctrl+Z Undo
F1 Help
F2 Edit
F3 Paste Name
F4 Repeat last action
F4 While typing a formula, switch between absolute/relative refs
F5 Goto
F6 Next Pane
F7 Spell check
F8 Extend mode
F9 Recalculate all workbooks
F10 Activate Menubar
F11 New Chart
F12 Save As
Ctrl+: Insert Current Time
Ctrl+; Insert Current Date
Ctrl+" Copy Value from Cell Above
Ctrl+’ Copy Formula from Cell Above
Shift Hold down shift for additional functions in Excel’s menu
Shift+F1 What’s This?
Shift+F2 Edit cell comment
Shift+F3 Paste function into formula
Shift+F4 Find Next
Shift+F5 Find
Shift+F6 Previous Pane
Shift+F8 Add to selection
Shift+F9 Calculate active worksheet
Ctrl+Alt+F9 Calculate all worksheets in all open workbooks, regardless of whether they have changed since the last calculation.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9 Rechecks dependent formulas and then calculates all cells in all open workbooks, including cells not marked as needing to be calculated.
Shift+F10 Display shortcut menu
Shift+F11 New worksheet
Shift+F12 Save
Ctrl+F3 Define name
Ctrl+F4 Close
Ctrl+F5 XL, Restore window size
Ctrl+F6 Next workbook window
Shift+Ctrl+F6 Previous workbook window
Ctrl+F7 Move window
Ctrl+F8 Resize window
Ctrl+F9 Minimize workbook
Ctrl+F10 Maximize or restore window
Ctrl+F11 Inset 4.0 Macro sheet
Ctrl+F12 File Open
Alt+F1 Insert Chart
Alt+F2 Save As
Alt+F4 Exit
Alt+F8 Macro dialog box
Alt+F11 Visual Basic Editor
Ctrl+Shift+F3 Create name by using names of row and column labels
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Previous Window
Ctrl+Shift+F12 Print
Alt+Shift+F1 New worksheet
Alt+Shift+F2 Save
Alt+= AutoSum
Ctrl+` Toggle Value/Formula display
Ctrl+Shift+A Insert argument names into formula
Alt+Down arrow Display AutoComplete list
Alt+’ Format Style dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+~ General format
Ctrl+Shift+! Comma format
Ctrl+Shift+@ Time format
Ctrl+Shift+# Date format
Ctrl+Shift+$ Currency format
Ctrl+Shift+% Percent format
Ctrl+Shift+^ Exponential format
Ctrl+Shift+& Place outline border around selected cells
Ctrl+Shift+_ Remove outline border
Ctrl+Shift+* Select current region
Ctrl++ Insert
Ctrl+- Delete
Ctrl+1 Format cells dialog box
Ctrl+2 Bold
Ctrl+3 Italic
Ctrl+4 Underline
Ctrl+5 Strikethrough
Ctrl+6 Show/Hide objects
Ctrl+7 Show/Hide Standard toolbar
Ctrl+8 Toggle Outline symbols
Ctrl+9 Hide rows
Ctrl+0 Hide columns
Ctrl+Shift+( Unhide rows
Ctrl+Shift+) Unhide columns
Alt or F10 Activate the menu
Ctrl+Tab In toolbar: next toolbar
Shift+Ctrl+Tab In toolbar: previous toolbar
Ctrl+Tab In a workbook: activate next workbook
Shift+Ctrl+Tab In a workbook: activate previous workbook
Tab Next tool
Shift+Tab Previous tool
Enter Do the command
Alt+Enter Start a new line in the same cell.
Ctrl+Enter Fill the selected cell range with the current entry.
Shift+Ctrl+F Font Drop Down List
Shift+Ctrl+F+F Font tab of Format Cell Dialog box
Shift+Ctrl+P Point size Drop Down List
MS PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts
Press To
CTRL+Shift+F, then use up/down arrow keys, click Enter when done Change Font
CTRL+Shift+P, then use up/down arrow keys, click Enter when done Change Point Size
CTRL+Shift+> Increase Font Size
CTRL+Shift+< Decrease Font Size
CTRL+U Underline
CTRL+I Italic
ALT+CTRL+Shift+> Superscript
ALT+CTRL+Shift+< Subscript
CTRL+Shift+Z Plain Text
F7 Spelling Checker
CTRL+E Center Paragraph
CTRL+J Justified Paragraph
CTRL+L Left-Aligned Paragraph
CTRL+R Right-Aligned Paragraph
Shift+F3 toggles selection through lower case, upper case, initial caps with each press of keys Change Case
CTRL+K Create Hyperlink
Backspace Delete Character Left
CTRL+Backspace Delete Word Left
Delete Delete Character Right
CTRL+Delete Delete Word Right
CTRL+V Paste
CTRL+Drag Create a copy of the text
Left Arrow Character Left
Right Arrow Character Right
Up Arrow Line Up
Down Arrow Line Down
CTRL+Left Arrow Word Left
CTRL+Right Arrow Word Right
END End of Line
HOME Beginning of Line
CTRL+Up Arrow Paragraph Up
CTRL+Down Arrow Paragraph Down
CTRL+END End of Text Block
CTRL+HOME Start of Text Block
TAB To Previous Object
Shift+TAB To Next Object
CTRL+A Select All Objects
CTRL+Select and Drag Drag and Drop Copy
CTRL+D Create a Duplicate Object
CTRL+D, move new copy to desired location, then use CTRL+D repeatedly to create more copies Create another Duplicate with same offset as first Duplicate
ALT+Shift+Left Arrow or Promote Paragraph
TAB from beginning of Paragraph
ALT+Shift+Right Arrow or Shift+TAB from beginning of Paragraph Demote Paragraph
ALT+Shift+Up Arrow Move Selected Paragraphs Up
ALT+Shift+Down Arrow Move Selected Paragraphs Down
ALT+Shift+1 Collapse to Titles
ALT+Shift+Plus Expand Text under a heading
ALT+Shift+Minus Collapse Text Under a Heading
ALT+Shift+A Show All Text and Headings
Keypad / (numlock off) Display Character Formatting
Shift+Right Arrow Character Right
Shift+Left Arrow Character Left
CTRL+Shift+Right Arrow End of Word
CTRL+Shift+Left Arrow Beginning of Word
Shift+Up Arrow Line Up
Shift+Down Arrow Line Down
CTRL+A or F2 Select All
Drag with left mouse button depressed Select Any Text
Double-Click Select Word
Triple-Click Select Paragraph
Select and Drag Drag and Drop
CTRL+Select and Drag Drag and Drop Copy
CTRL+N New Presentation
CTRL+O, CTRL+F12 Open a Presentation
CTRL+S, F12 Save
F12 Save As
CTRL+P Print
CTRL+H Replace
CTRL+M New Slide (menu)
Shift+CTRL+M New Slide like last one, no menu
CTRL+Q or ALT F4 Exit/Quit
CTRL+Enter Move from Title to Text
CTRL+Enter Move from Body text to Title of Next Slide
CTRL+Shift+F6 Go to Previous Window
CTRL+F6 Go to Next Window
ALT+F5 Size Presentation Window
ALT+F10 Maximize Application Window
CTRL+F10 Maximize Presentation Window
CTRL+F5 Restore Presentation Window to Previous Size
CTRL+F5 Put Presentation in its own Window
CTRL+G Show/Hide Guides (toggle)
Shift+Click Slide View Button Switch from Normal View to Master View
CTRL+Shift+G Group
CTRL+Shift+H Ungroup
CTRL+Shift+J Regroup
Shift+Resize Resize while Maintaining Proportions
CTRL+Resize Resize from Center
CTRL+Shift+Resize Resize from Center while Maintaining Proportions
Shift+Rotate tool Rotate in 15 degree increments
CTRL+Rotate tool Rotate from Corner
Shift+CTRL+Rotate tool Rotate in 15 degree increments from Corner
Shift+Resize Extend Line along same angle
CTRL+ALT+click (using curve tool) Make Straight Segment while Using Curve Tool
Arrow Key Nudge object one grid unit
CTRL+Arrow Key Nudge object one pixel
ALT Temporarily Release Grid/Guide Snap
CTRL+Drag Guide Create Multiple Guides
ENTER Go to Slide
B or Period Black/Unblack Screen
W or Comma White/Unwhite Screen
A or = Show/Hide Pointer
ESC, CTRL+Break, Minus, END End Show
E Erase Screen Annotations
H Advance to Hidden Slide
Mouse Click, Spacebar, N, Right Arrow, Down Arrow, Page Down Advance to Next Slide
Backspace, P, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, Page Up Return to Previous Slide
F1 Help
Shift+F1 Menu and Dialog Explanations
Shift+F10 Right Mouse Click without Mouse
ALT+F11 Bring up Visual Basic Editor
ALT+F8 Macro Recorder
MS Outlook keyboard shortcuts
Press To
Ctrl + Enter or Alt + S Send Message
Ctrl + Shift + O Reformat an email message from RTF to plain text
Ctrl + D Delete Message from message window
Ctrl + Shift + C New Contact Dialog
Ctrl + Shift + H New Office Document
Ctrl + Insert + W Read Warning Header
Alt + S To Save Non-Email Item in Current Folder
Escape Key Cancel the current operation
Up Arrow Move up current level of treeview
Down Arrow Move down current level of treeview
Left Arrow Collapse current branch of treeview
Right Arrow Expand current branch of treeview
Ctrl + Y Launch go to folder dialog
Ctrl + S Save unfinished item in Drafts folder
Delete Key Move selected item to Deleted Items folder
Ctrl + P Open print dialog box
Ctrl + D To delete current item
Ctrl + Q Mark as unread or read
Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + C Copy highlighted items/text to clipboard
Ctrl + X Cut highlighted items/text to clipboard
Ctrl + V Paste items/text from clipboard
Alt + Spacebar Open application menu (to maximise, minimise etc)
Ctrl + N Create new item
Ctrl + Z Undo
Home Move cursor to top of email list
End Move cursor to end of email list
Ctrl + Home Move edit cursor to top in new email message window
Ctrl + End Move edit cursor to end in new email message window
Ctrl + K Check Names
Alt + or F10 Move cursor to Menu Bar
Ctrl + Shift + F or F3 Launch Advanced Find
F6 Move to next Window pane
F7 Launch spell checker
Ctrl + Shift + I Move directly to Inbox
Ctrl + Shift + O Move directly to Outbox
Ctrl + Shift + Y Copy selected item(s) to a folder
Ctrl + Shift + E Create new folder dialog
Ctrl + Shift + V Move selected item to folder
Ctrl + Shift + M Create a new email message
Ctrl + Shift + A Create a new appointment item
Ctrl + Shift + C Create a new contact item
Ctrl + Shift + K Create a new task item
Ctrl + Shift + N Create a new note item
Alt + P Message options (from a new message window)
Ctrl + Shift + B Open address book
Ctrl + Shift + G Launch flag for follow up dialog box
Ctrl + R Reply to sender
Ctrl + Shift + R Reply to all
Ctrl + F Forward message

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