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How To Download YouTube Video On iPod

Sometime You Need to Play Videos from YouTube to Your ipod, but this facility is not there in YouTube Video Since you can't copy the video URL. There are Many software with the help of which you can convert YouTube Videos to iPOD. Read for the simplest method to Convert youtube videos ti iPOD.

Steps :

  1. Download Youtube2iPod from and install it.
  2. After installation, you will be prompted to install Converter Plug in and iTunes.
  3. To download a currently playing YouTube video on IE/Firefox, click this button on IE , or click menu “Took->Download current video” on Firefox , a new download task will be started.
  4. To download a video by thumb image, right click any download video thumb in IE/Firefox, click "Download with Youtube2iPod" menu item; a new download task will be started. There is no need to open the video’s page.
  5. Make sure "Auto convert and upload to iTunes when download is completed" is selected on the main screen, any downloaded video will be converted and added to iTunes automatically. Otherwise, check your interested videos, click "Convert and Upload" button.
  6. In iTune, drag your interested videos to iPod device.
That's Over. Simple to convert and easy to listen on you iPOD

Cheers !!!!

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