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How To Create Random Rotating Banners In Blogger

Sometimes you need to use random rotating banner in your blog for professional look.By default Blogger doesn't provide such applications.Here is a small hack which let you play random rotating banner in your blog.

Steps :

1. Place this piece of script in the CCS Style Section :

#header {
background:#476 url("") no-repeat left bottom;
margin:0 0 0;
padding:0 0 8px;

2. Place this piece of code
right after the Body tag:

or Get Code here

This scripts above used Java Script to define an array of 5 url locations of the banners' graphic. Then the next line generate a random discret number between 0-4. The next part will generate some html codes to overwrite the "background" definition of the the "Header" style by selection a random banner everytime.

You will need to change the following:

1) The URL Locations of your graphics.
2) If you have 5 banners, you type "4" in the random number generating equation Math.round(4*Math.random()); If you have 3 banners type "2" and so forth.

Source : [Freeyasoul]

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