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How To Create Files or Folder In Windows Without Name

Have you ever tried to create a file or folder in Windows without any name or character.You might have been challenged by many of your friends. I was also challenged by my roommates about this hack.I learn in few easy steps to hack the file or folder without name. You may also learn and can win challenge. Just follow the below mentioned few steps...I did it on windows 98, 2000,2003 and vista.

1. Select any Folder or File You Like to Rename

2. Right-click the file and click Rename or just press the F2 key to rename it.

3. Press and hold the ALT key. While holding the Alt key, type the numbers 0160 from the keyboard.
(Note: The numbers must be typed from the numpad of keyboard. i.e the number keys present on the right side of the keyboard and NOT from the number keys present above the top of character keys.)

4. The file will be created without a name.

File is named with a single space.If you want to create a second file without a name in the same directory as the first one, the above steps will not help.How do you create a second "nameless" file / Folder?

1. Follow the first 3 steps mentioned above.

2. Release the ALT key. Again repeat the first 3 steps.

3. Now the seond file will be created with two spaces.

You May Repeat it for any number of files or folders

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