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Enable Printer Pages in Blogs / Website and Blog Posts

Enabling Printer friendly features for your blog posts or webpage contents is an extra feature which can add value to blog Enable Printer  Pages using this feature reader can only print the content of your posts, and not the sidebar content , footer and header sections .

Converts yours current Blog Posts or Website content into a printer friendly format and sends it to your printer for printing in your blog, follow a simple step-by-step easy process on how to do it.

Step 1. Blogger Dashboard >> >Layout >> Edit HTML

Copy the Below Code and Place it <head> tag

<style media='print' type='text/css'>

#header-wrapper, #header, .header, #sidebar-wrapper,
.sidebar, #footer-wrapper, #footer,
.date-header, .post-meta-data,
.comment-link, .comment-footer, #blog-pager, #backlinks-container, #navbar-section, .subscribe_notice, .noprint {display: none;}
#main-wrapper {width: 95%}</style>

Preview it if not showing any Error Save the Template

* Step 2: In this step insert a “Print This Page” link under each post to notify your readers that your posts can be printed effectively.

To Insert print link below yours post , Again Go to the Edit HTML >> Click on “Expand widget templates” box and search for below line in template.


Now Insert below code just after above line and save the template after inserting it you can preview the template also to see whether its is working fine or not.”Print Icon is visible only in individual post”

<div style='float:right;'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
style='background: url(http://scrapur.com/image/print.gif) left no-repeat;
padding-left: 20px;'><a
href='javascript:window.print()'>Print this


Above Hack creates a printer friendly version only in memory and directly submits it to the printer. The user is not able to see the electronic version of the print version unless he prints it to PDF using Acrobat or other PDF creation tools.I would like to Thanks scrapur for providing this code to enable printer Pages in blogs.

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