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Obesity and Infertility

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It is a known fact that obesity reduces the chances of a woman in conceiving naturally, as well as having possible serious consequences on the health of both mother and baby. Around 14 percent of couples in industrialized nations at present are suffering from infertility related disorders. It has been found that smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee, obesity, sexual practices decrease the chances of infertility.

Obesity not only affect the chances of successfully conceiving but may also lead to hypertension, depression, pulmonary problems, coronary artery disease, skin maladies, diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, arthritis and so on. Obesity has closer association with infertility, menstrual and reproductive abnormalities. Obese women are more susceptible to have complication in their pregnancies and are also less prone to have live born baby because of higher risks of still birth, ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. Even men who are overweight can have lower sperm counts that decrease the chances of women in successfully conceiving a child. For both the partners who are trying to conceive naturally, being overweight can be a major hurdle that greatly affects their chances of conceiving successfully.

The Obese Women Body are prone to many other disease also which has been shown in the Graph below with the name of the disease :

The excess weight in women may affect their process of ovulation. It can disturb a woman’s menstrual cycle making it hard for her to ovulate. The extra fat tissue in the woman’s body may result in over production of estrogen and can also lead to hormonal imbalance, which affects cycle of ovulation. It also advances the risk of deformities in the baby such as heart defects, as well as increasing the chances of stillbirth............................ [ Read More ]

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