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Xiaomi Pinlo Blender Pro Smart Food Processor Features

Xiaomi Pinlo Blender Pro Food Processor features & price - Chinese brand Xiaomi is famous for smartphones and related gadgets. I am sure very few know that Xiaomi also manufactures food processor.

Xiaomi has a division named as ecological chain, which design and launch the products other than gadgets. The Xiaomi Pinlo Blender Pro is the latest in the series. It is a portable, cost-effective food processor that succeeds the earlier Xiaomi Pinlo Blender.

The original Pinlo food processor sold very well in China, which is probably why a second-generation product exists today.

Xiaomi Pinlo Blender Features

Food processor is updated on many fronts including design, technology upgradation also.
Xiaomi Pinlo Blender Pro

1.  The Pinlo Pro comes with a more powerful motor with 30,000 rpm and a low noise level of 83dB.

2. The blender features six corrosion-resistant blades made from titanium alloy.

3.  The motor has been optimized to last for up to 5 years and the power increased from 600W to 1000W.

4. In addition, there is a separate cup for blending stuff with a high-strength glass body and a 2mm thick asymmetric blade and stainless steel chassis inside.

They come in Indigo Blue and red colors instead of the plain old white.

The Xiaomi Pinlo Blender Pro is available in two colors and starts at CNY 199 (about Rs 2,120). It is currently not available in India. Subscribe us to get the updates about this product.

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