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Google Meet Allows Video Chat With 100 People for Free

Google Meet has allowed the video chat with 100 people for free with a Google account. The video chat can be made simultaneously with 100 people without any time limits using Google Meet.

These services are made free in comparison with Zoom, that has been offering the same functionality for a while now, which is why it has been pulling so many users even in countries like India where the Government has deemed the service unsafe.

Additionally, advanced Google Meet features like support for up to 250 participants, live streaming, and recording, remain free for all G Suite users till September 30. Google has also informed that all these services are free till 30th Sept and afterwards cap will be fixed at 60 minutes.

Features available on free Google Meet

1. Users will be able to access popular features like screen sharing, real-time captions and the new tile-based interface.

2. Google has also been making Google Meet more accessible by adding dedicated tabs for start and join meetings directly into Gmail.

Due to coronavirus outbreak, the demand of video application like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team etc.  has entailed a surge in video calling apps around the world.
Google Meet

The number of users for these apps are increasing day by day at work, for education, or simply staying connected with their near and dear ones.

Google Meet daily usage grow by 30x since January and as of this month.

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