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Apple Watch will Take Care of Mind Health, Detecting Agoraphobia

Apple Watch has many unique features and will help in detecting Agoraphobia and Blood Oxygen Indicator. Apple Watch will also monitor and monitor the mental health of its users. So far the Apple Watch tracks the health information of its users. It is not wrong to say that in future we heard that the user's life is saved due to Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is already performing quite well, but the company is still looking to improve it further. According to a report, the upcoming Apple Watch 6 will also monitor the mental health of its users.

US company Apple is going to launch its Apple Watch 6 this year, which will be given very modern sensors. There will also be a special sensor panic attack, which will monitor many mental health conditions. In panic attacks, the patient starts feeling symptoms like restlessness, chest tightness, difficulty in breathing, profuse sweating, hearing of the extremities and many more. Apple Watch 6 will monitor these symptoms and take care of the health of users.

The new Apple watch Will help user in Agoraphobia, panic attacks Panic attacks are believed to occur anytime. No special reason is needed for this. Many such cases have been seen in which people get panic attacks in crowded places, shops and public vehicles.

Apple Watch 6 is being specially designed so that it can make necessary efforts to save the life of its user in the event of a panic attack.

know what benefits will be available

Blood Oxygen Indicator in Apple Watch 6 A report leaked some time ago said that the Blood Oxygen Detection feature can also be given in the All Watch 6.

Blood oxygen indicator is a very useful function. If the blood oxygen level of a user declines, then he or she may have severe respiratory or cardiac problems. In such a situation, the user needs medical help immediately.

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