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How to secure Zoom App calls from Hacking ?

Steps to host secure video meetings on Zoom App

According to security experts, 

1. Ensure your meeting is password protected, and 

2. Don’t share meeting IDs and passwords on social media, where criminal hackers may grab the credentials. 

3. Experts also recommend that meeting or classroom organizers take attendance and kick out unwanted visitors. 

4. Use the waiting-room feature to screen meeting participants before allowing them to interact in the meeting room. 

5. This can be accessed by clicking on the settings tab and then the In Meeting (Advanced) option. 

6. Use conference IDs instead of links when inviting others to join. 

7. Links can be malicious and used to hack unsuspecting users. 

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8. Don’t repeat meeting IDs to keep unwanted participants out of meetings. 

9. Apply scrutiny to links and documents, which can contain malicious code. 

10. When not using computer microphones and webcams, use blockers or covers, both of which can be purchased online. 

Zoom said it subsequently released fixes for the issues. 

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