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Reliance Jio's Customer Information Really Hacked?

Recently it is in news that private data of millions of customers of Reliance Jio is compromised through a large-scale hacking attack which collected the sensitive information of subscriber of Jio like subscriber's name, mobile number, email and SIM activation details.

The major concern is the Aadhaar number and details of customer as majority of customer has subscribed to Reliance Jio through Aadhaar number. The same Aadhaar number of customer may be used for various other services like Banking payment, Gas subsidy etc. 

Now it is being made mandatory for opening bank account along with filling income tax return. 

Personal data of over 100 million of Reliance Jio's customers had leaked onto a website named "Magicapk". This is the first ever large-scale breach at an Indian telecom operator.

Jio has added  3.9 million subscribers to its network in April. Jio has informed officially the matter to Government and law agencies for further probe.

Meanwhile UIDAI has informed that "There is no question of Aadhaar-related data leak. UIDAI is very vigilant. And in case any leak comes to light, UIDAI will take strict action as per the law as it has done in the past".

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