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Check Out World's First Battery Free Mobile Phone

Technology has achieved another milestone in Mobile technology. Researchers at the University of Washington have developed the world’s first battery-free mobile phone. 

This mobile phone power themselves by extracting energy from ambient radio signals and light.

Test experiment successful when Researchers were able to receive incoming calls and dial out with the battery-free phone on Skype. In the test environment, prototype of mobile consumed almost zero power.

The Basic Function perform by prototype :

1. Transmitting speech and data and receiving user input via buttons. 

2. Using Skype, researchers were able to receive incoming calls, dial out and place callers on hold with the battery-free phone.

However, the battery-free phone require a small amount of energy, which is approximately 3.5 micro watts. In order to harvest this energy the phone gathers power from ambient radio signals transmitted by a base station up to 31-feet away. This enables the device to communicate with a base station 50-feet away.

Further, researcher are planning to improve the phone’s operating range and encrypting conversations to make them secure. The team is also working to stream video over a battery-free cellphone and add a visual display feature to the phone using low-power E-ink screens.

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