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Vodafone Introduces SuperWiFi For Business

Vodafone is launching SuperWifi services for Businesses. Vodafone Business Services i.e. SuperWifi, the first Enterprise WiFi Network as a Service by an Indian telecom operator. 

SuperWifi is a basically fully managed WiFi service for enterprises, offering unified, high-speed and reliable wireless network access to employees, guests and customers across their sites and locations with 24 x 7 remote monitoring and management. 

Vodafone SuperWiFi will provide secure wireless connectivity to improve user experience and ensure greater flexibility and mobility among employees and guests. 

The best part is the robustness of SuperWiFi, it can be easily deployed by small, medium and large enterprises across offices, educational Institute campuses, SME retail stores, Malls, warehouses, factories, hospitals, etc. 

There is a very low capital investment and organizations can enjoy a high-speed WiFi network. They can also have had the unified control of network policy at various locations.

Vodafone business services are providing an online reporting and analytics porta for WiFi analytics on network performance, usage and applications to help businesses take the right IT and marketing related decisions.

Currently Vodafone is having more than 7.5 million customer who are using Mobility services i.e. Vodafone busienss services like Governemt Organization, Institutions, SME's etc.

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