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Hello, New Social Network to Counter Facebook

Orkut Successor to counter Facebook social media platform, it is named as "Hello". Orkut’s founder Orkut Büyükkökten  has created this social media platform exclusively for such users who are having common interest.

Currently Hello social media platform is only available for mobile users i.e. Android and iOS users. The idea of this app was to connect people who share the same passion and interests.

Features of Social Media Platform ' Hello '

Hello features include: -

1. Over 100 interest-based personas that reflect your passions - an easy way to find, follow and friend people who share your interests

2. A personality test that helps you connect with users you’re more likely to get along with 

3. The ability to build reputation within your personas and attain status as a persona leader

4. Explore any persona, uncover new passions and expand your horizons 

Hello is exclusively good, where you will not get any unnecessary items on your time like unlike Facebook where everything being displayed on time irrespective of interest.

Download the Country specific Hello appsavailable in your country.

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