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How To Reduce Data Usage on Android Phone ?

How To Reduce Data Usage on Android Phone ? The worst part of any Android smartphone is that they consume a lot of data as there are many applications which always run in the background. There are many android application like applock etc there to restrict the data consumption but they are very efficient in controlling.

Here are few tips with the help of which the Data consumption can be restricted from consumption through unnecessary background process on Android phones. There are many Android phones which are having inbuilt features to restrict the background process.

Step 1 . The very first step is to know the Data consumption level. In order to check just go to Setting >Network and connection Data Usage.  This works only with Android 4.0 and above. Through this you may check which are the application consuming much of the data.

Step 2. Compress Google Chrome Browser : Chrome consumes the maximum of mobile data. In order to save the data Compress the google chrome browser of your Android phones. For enabling this feature open the chrome browser and find  three dotted icon located on top right corner. Go down Setting >>Data Saver under Advanced >>On to Compress Chrome Pages

Step 3. Disable Auto Update of Android Application on smartphone. Go TO  My Apps >> Select Apps >>> Un check Auto-Update.

Step 4. Cache Google Map : Google Map drain out the data in real sense. In order to save maximum of data on your android phone just enable the Google Map cache when on travel. For enabling this feature on your smartphone Setting > Labs >> Check off Pre-cache map area.

Step 5Reduce Data Usage on android smartphone applying YouTube offline

Follow these instruction and compare youe Phone data consumption. You may also share if any other way to save the data on Android Phones.

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