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Top 10 Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Mobile Phone

Smartphone Maker Samsung has launched new phone in Galaxy series i.e.  Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 

This phone has many unique features like 5.7 inch full HDSUPER AMOLED display and IR remote feature - can be used to control almost any brand of TV, DVD, set top box etc.

Features Samsung Galaxy Note 3

1.  Galaxy Note 3 comes with a wider (5.7inch) full HD Super AMOLED display,

2. It is slimmer (8.3mm) and has a lighter (168g) hardware design.

3. Longer lasting (3,200mAh) battery.

4.Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)

5. 2.3 GHz Snapdragon Quad Core Processor

6. HD Screen with Superfine Pixel Density 

7. 3.5 MM audio Jacks and 1080p HD Camcorder with LED Camera Flash 

8. 32 GB inbuilt memory with 4G capable 

9. Autofocus and Backlit Camera Sensor 

10. BurstShot™ - Snap multiple shot in a single click 

11. Front-facing 2 Megapixel Camera 

12. Google Voice Search™ 

13. M3 & T3 – Hearing aid compatible - A new technology Digital wireless handsets rated 

14. Bluetooth 4.0 and Stereo Bluetooth® Connectivity 

15. S Pen Touch screen 

16. Wi-Fi & Mobile Calling

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is prices $ 1048 . Currently available at selected location. In USA T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is available to mobile users.

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