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15000 Google's Gmail Account Reset By Bugs

Search engine giant Google has confirmed that about 150,000 Gmail users around the world have had their accounts, including every email, application, contact and calendar information, deleted. 

The problem started on sunday when thousands logged onto their accounts, only to find all their personal information had been erased.

Many found their accounts had been effectively reset, as they were greeted by the message Google welcomes new users with. 

Google says it is "very sorry" for a Gmail software bug that reset some 150,000 accounts and left their owners contemplating the prospect of having lost years worth of data. The outage affected only a fraction of one per cent of Gmail users, but its severity was particularly noteworthy.  

Google is spending several frantic hours trying to restore the service, used by an estimated 200million people. ‘We’ve already fixed the problem for some individuals. 

Our engineers are working as quickly as possible and we hope to have everything back to normal soon. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience to our customers.

Google is saying that within 48 hours their engineers would come up with fix.Still if you don't able to login may contact google with username at gmail-maintenance@google.com .

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