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New Real Kamasutra Powerpoint Attachment Hit Computer

There is a new malware virus which is affecting the computer on internet very fast. This new virus is called Kama Sutra virus alert.

This time, the virus comes through a PowerPoint presentation called “Real kamasutra.pps.exe." These viruses are tougher to get rid of once you are infected.

The file, called 'Real kamasutra.pps.exe,' masquerades as a legitimate PowerPoint deck but the minute you open the file to browse, your computer runs a program that lets hackers remotely control your computer.

Once the file downloaded , PowerPoint deck serves as a decoy while malware quietly installs itself in the computer. The malicious code gives hackers a backdoor to your PC, which they can they use to execute any number of unwanted tasks.

Hackers can access your every computer file, watch your every keystroke, steal your passwords to online bank accounts and steal your identity.

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