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Google Chrome 5 features With an Google Translate service

Dear Friends ,if something in the web is in differnt language and you are unable to read it then no need to worry about because Google Crome 5 features an integrated Google Translate Service.

As we know our web browser is set to in english knowledge and we want to visita web page written in some other language like Russian,Persian,Spanish Or any other language then no need to worry about  because Google Chrome has solved your this problem.Google Chrome has come with the facility of translating the other language page into your own default language.

This is a useful service for users who would want to have such a capability in their web browser. However not everyone is pleased.

Google has not provided any option to completely disable this hidden feature. What you can do is disable certain languages or disable it on individual websites.

So, Friends let us enjoy it with the promise that in future Google Chrome will sort out your every problem of Your Browser

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