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Top Best Free eMail clients for Windows 7

 Here is the list of best Email Client features for Windows 7.Although Windows Live Mail is a comfortable email program that lets you access IMAP, POP and Windows Live Hotmail accounts with ambition to connect with Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Calendar, your blog and RSS news feeds, too. Still, For a change you may take trial of these applications :

[1] Mozilla Thunderbird- Thunderbird, like Firefox, has become increasingly popular. What once started as a small project is now a free email client recognized world-wide as one of the best email clients for Windows 7 – or any other operating system. Mozilla thunderbird is a richly featured, quite secure and functional email client, incorporating RSS Feed Reader. With efficient mail handling and good style, Mozilla Thunderbird also features filtering of junk mail.

[2] Opera- The Opera email client is well incorporated with flexibility and efficiency in interface and is well equipped to satisfy all the user needs. Integrated with RSS Feeds, the Opera email client only lacks the support of the encrypted mail, which does seem to be a drawback. Also, one may find that the message editor lacks a bit in power.

[3] Pegasus Mail- Featured to be the best and most powerful email program for Windows 7, Pegasus Mail is little difficult to access.

[4] IncrediMail- Security is quite strong in this email client, protecting the user from phishing, spam and fraud attempts in a convenient manner. But, due to the lack of some productivity features, the user might have to compromise when he has to deal with large amounts of mail.

[5] Eudora- Eudora email client is a fine blend of power, flexibility and efficiency, and features protection against spams, though this can be improved more.

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