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How to view Docx files ?

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  1. For Windows users having any version of Microsoft Office installed needs to to install the Microsoft compatibility pack. This compatibility pack will provide .docx support in Microsoft Word for any previous Office versions.
  2. If you are Windows users and don’t have Microsoft Office then the best thing is to Download the Word Viewer application from Microsoft that opens .docx documents. Note: Microsoft Word Viewer is for only viewing the documents. Documents cannot be modified

  3. Zamzar: Zamzar can convert variety of file formats and Docx is one of them. Select the file and format to be converted and enter your email id, the file will be converted and a link will be sent to your email ID for download.
  4. Docx2Doc: The name says it all, this service converts docx formats into doc files so that it can be viewed in Word 2003 or previous versions.
  5. Docx Converter: This is a similar service as above one. It converts Docx file Html format so that it viewed on any browser.

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