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How to Download Videos From MegaVideo ?

Learn in Few Steps to download videos  from MegaVideo and watch them offline.
  1. Open any desired video clip in browser. Let it load completely.
  2. After you have watched the whole video. In your browser, Go to Tools > Internet Options > Settings > View Files (In Internet Explorer).
  3. Try to look for a large file, with a long name and unknown type. Most of the Temporory internet files are small. So, track down the large file.
  4. After you spot the file, Copy that file and paste it any drive of your choice. The video file will be in FLV format.
  5. Rename that large file name to something meaningful like movie.flv
Now sit back watch MegaVideo in your favourite player. Do you use VLC Player? NO. Then you need to

Download VLC Media Player

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