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Top 5 Free Slide Show Creation Tools, Download

Here are some of  open source software apps and tools available for Slide Show Application of Your Blog FREE.

* choose from 100s of predesigned templates
* design a slideshow for a specific occasion like a birthday or wedding reception
* integrate stills, digital video clips, narration and even a music bed and sound FX
* output the finished slideshow to an email, print it out or burn to a DVD with a click
* import files from any source – just browse your way to the best looking presentation ever

Photozig  lets you create personalized or business-oriented screensavers, wallpapers, DVDs and CDs. I’ve used Photozig a few times now and each time I do I discover more features and more functionality. 

It is self explanatory, it's pro version is best.

 PhotoStage is 100% compatible with Vista based apps. You can add 100s of different pictures to create visual interest and keep your audience engaged.

Slideshow can be output to DVD for viewing on any TV monitor (including high-def flat screens) or PSP, send your slide deck to any mobile device automatically, add vid-clips and more.  

it doesn't require any introduction. It’s Google’s answer to Microsoft’s Photo Story product line. Bloggers Lifeline Tool.

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