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Unvarnished Website What Does It Mean ?

The Unvarnished website is an online site where anyone can write anything they want about whatever or whoever they want with virtually no way to trace or track who wrote which posts.

With all the reports of cyber terrorism and bullying that have been coming to the surface in recent months is this website really a good idea...read at cnet

Unvarnished is an online resource for building, managing, and researching professional reputation, using community-contributed, professional reviews.

Unvarnished reviews help you get the inside scoop on other business professionals, providing candid assessments of coworkers, potential hires, business partners, and more.

What are Unvarnished reviews?

Unvarnished reviews are community-contributed, business-focused assessments of professional performance.

To help reviewers be honest and candid in their reviews, Unvarnished obscures the identity of review authors. This lets reviewers share their true, nuanced opinions without fear of repercussions.

At the same time, to ensure that reviews are of the highest quality, and maintain a helpful, business-focused approach, Unvarnished provides a suite of tools to allow the community to rate and moderate reviews.

Even I am looking for the exact meaning of this word !!! Please help me out of you know or find any ?

You may find some help from here

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