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MapmyIndia RoadPilot – Tochscreen GPS navigator

The new MapmyIndia RoadPilot is a Slim , pocket friendly 3.5-inch touchscreen GPS navigation device loaded with all India maps for turn-by-turn voice guided navigation across India.

The MapmyIndia RoadPilot works exclusively on GPS signals and does not require a SIM card or GPRS connection to work.

The key features of the new MapmyIndia RoadPilot GPS navigator are:
  • The brand new map experience:
    • With brilliant graphics and fully interactive features, experience the map like never before. Drag the map in any direction, zoom in and out smoothly to change scale, make the map 2D or 3D at any angle, and rotate the map to change your perspective. If that’s not enough, change the mode from day to night to see your city or region in a totally different light!
  • Searching made easy:
    • Simply type in the name of the location or point of interest you are looking for, and you will magically see it appear on the map. To make things easier, you don’t even have to type in the exact spelling or the full name of the location. The brand new search handles all those for you, so you don’t waste time typing and use that in reaching your destination quickly.
  • High-performance navigation:
    • Of course you get real-time “talking” directions, turn-by-turn, to your destination along with clear map guidance so you can easily reach your destination. Where the new MapmyIndia Navigator stands out is the speed with which it calculates your route and starts giving you directions. Simply enter your destination, and start moving. Even if you miss a turn, it instantly re-calculates and gives you the new route.
  • Points of interest:
    • You can find points of interest (Eg petrol pumps, ATMs, restaurants, landmarks etc) near your current location, along the way or near the destination. You even get address and phone numbers for important ones, so you can call to make a reservation etc. Add POIs to the map itself so as you are driving you can see which ones you are crossing, and click on them to get details.
  • Geopix! Navigate using photographs:
    • Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you could see photographs of places you were crossing, or traveling to. With the new MapmyIndia Navigator, you can import geo-tagged photographs and see them on the map, navigate to them, or search for the nearest GeoPix.
  • Personalized:
    • Save your favourite locations, routes and GPS logs to acess easily later. This saves time in entering the same destinations again in future, and also helps you mark more places on the map for your own reference.

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