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EPIC Google Complaint, Google Buzz Complain Read Full Document

Google's Buzz social networking service, which launched as part of Gmail in February, was met with considerable controversy. The service automatically transformed users' e-mail address books into public Buzz contact lists, creating the potential for sensitive information to be exposed without user consent.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) condemned Google's mismanagement of the service's rollout and lack of privacy safeguards.

EPIC filed a complaint with the FTC, calling for the organization to review the matter. A bipartisan group of congressmen are the latest to join the chorus. In an open letter addressed to FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz, eleven members of the US House of Representatives called for an investigation of Buzz and closer scrutiny of Google's pending acquisition of mobile advertising company AdMob.
Google has come under fire from EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) – for the Google Buzz service. EPIC believes that Google has seriously violated consumers privacy rights and has gone so far as to say they (Google) has even violated federal wiretapping laws (harsh…)!

Here’s the full PDF document of the EPIC Google complaint:

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