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Save the Navy Seals

Save Our Navy Seals | Savethenavyseals | Save Navy Seals | Navy Seals |   Matthew McCabe | Julio Huertas | Jonathon Keefe
Save the Navy Seals is a campaign to make sure that three Navy Seals face no punishment for their actions in apprehending an alleged terrorist.

The trial of the three Navy Seals are Matthew McCabe, Julio Huertas and Jonathon Keefe, accused of punching Ahmed Hashim Abed, a man accused of orchestrating the murder of four Blackwater security guards in Fallujah in 2004 is set to begin in mid-January 2010, but there has been so much uproar about the case that a Save the Navy Seals campaign has been launched.

According reports,Matthew McCabe, Julio Huertas and Jonathon Keefe, three United States Navy SEALs have been charged in connection with an alleged assault on a suspected terrorist.  The three SEALs have requested trial by court-martial instead of non-judicial punishment.The three men accused have already been arraigned and are facing a court martial, which would be punishable by one year in military confinement, a bad conduct discharge from the service and no pay.

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