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Samsung launches Corby Plus and Corby Pro in India

Samsung has launched two new Corby variants, Corby Plus B3410 and Corby Pro B5310 in Indian markets. This is in context with the rise in popularity of the recently released Corby handsets.

Samsung Corby Plus is known basically as the Corby B3410 in other markets. In India, Samsung has taken the cue from the popularity to make a decent sale from these Corby sets.

Samsung Mobile estimates that out of the 4 million active users, around 2.5 million will want to stay ‘connected always’ to their social networks and hence, a handset fine-tuned to social networks/internet messaging needs could be expected to serve the youth aged between 18-30. Both Corby Plus and Corby Pro, which were rolled out nationally on Wednesday, are touchscreen handsets with both QWERTY as well as touchscreen interface. The company already has 3 other models under this range including CorbyMate and CorbyTXT.

According to the Samsung India, the compny may soon launch a CDMA version of the Corby in the country. It is possible. Social networking needs of CDMA users are there,” Yadav told Financial Chronicle, when asked about the CDMA version. India has a large CDMA userbase on the Reliance and Tata Indicom networks. If the Corby does arrive on CDMA networks, it would be the first touchscreen device to provide directsocial networking access using widgets.

Samsung Corby Plus comes with 2MP camera, QQWERTY keybord and all Corby fetures while Samsung CorbyPro (B5310) comes with GPS, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm headset jack, 3.2MP camera and 100MB of extendable memory.Samsung Corby Plus and Corby Pro GSM Mobile will retailsin India at Rs 10,050 and Rs 13,900 respectively.

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