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Puru Pratap Singh Doodle 4 Google India 2009 Logo Winner

After 90 days of submission and filtering process, now Google India has announced the winner for this competition. Here is the details about one and only winner of Doodle4Google India Contest ever happened,

Name: Puru Pratap Singh
Standard: 4th standard
Town/City: Gurgaon

Design submitted by Puru which will be featured on Google Homepage on 14’th November (Children’s Day) 2009 i.e. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s (first prime minister of Independent India) birthday,

The class IV student has won Google India ‘s nationwide doodling competition, Doodle4Google, which called for creative designs and sketches of the Google logo. “It feels special to have won it,” says Singh, gravely. His doodle, on the theme, My India —Full of Life, was chosen from 4,000 nationwide entries through an online poll. It will be displayed on the Google India homepage today, to celebrate Children’s Day. 

The ‘G’ has been styled as the national bird, the peacock, with its crest sporting the four main religious symbols of the country. The following ‘O’ appears as an open book to represent the Indian wisdom, the second ‘O’ is painted blue as a tribute to India’s moon-mission Chandrayaan finding water on the moon. The other ‘G’ is in the shape of Kashmir symbolising India’s crown and the ‘L’ is depicted with an inverted rifle that reminds one of the unknown soldier at Amar Jawan Jyoti while the final ‘E’ is represented as Gandhiji with his walking stick. “These symbols make my country unique,” says Singh, who won a T-shirt with his doodle printed on it, a laptop and a Rs 1 lakh art education grant for his school. Although there will not be any royalty paid to him, a profile of his will pop up next to his doodle.

Dennis Hwang, the Master Doodler "India is a land of creative minds. For centuries, Indian art has continued to fascinate people from across the globe. It was amazing to see how young kids could come out with highly creative Doodles that truly define the culture and tradition of this incredible country. Choosing the successful entry was not easy as every Doodle depicts India in a unique manner."

Click here to view slideshow Of All Finalist

Theme for this competition was “My India” and Puru’s art is titled as “My India – Full Of Life”. Puru will get a laptop, a T-Shirt with his own doodle and INR 1,00,000 technology grant for his school.

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