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Free Download Download Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta 3

The first real and serious alternative to Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 was the second most used web browser by the Internet today.

The features of Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 is not indifferent to its users: tab system restore browsing sessions, spell checking, integrated search, RSS reader, live bookmarks, search suggestions ...

It offers all the amenities needed for a smooth Web browsing: tabs, support for RSS, pop-up blocker, download manager, search Google from the address bar and others.

May further expand the capabilities and its appearance by adding extensions and themes that can be downloaded from the official site.

Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 Features

- The manner in which 3rd party software integrates with the Firefox has been changed in order to enhance the browser’s stability.
- Added the ability run scripts asynchronously and thus speed up page load times.
- New API to give add-ons access to Firefox’s geolocation features
- The Firefox components directory is locked down.

- A mechanism that prevents Firefox from crashing when dealing with incompatible software.
- Built-in support for Firefox Personas.
- The user will be alerted when a plugin needs to be updated.
- Full screen and poster frames support for open, native video.
- WOFF font format support.
- The performance of the JavaScript engine has been enhanced.
- New CSS, DOM and HTML5 web technologies support.

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