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Michael Jackson Funeral | MJ Funeral Photos | MJ Videos

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After the Seventy days of sudden death, Michael Jackson will be interred in what may or may not be his final resting place on Thursday evening.
The news media, which has closely covered every aspect of Jackson's death, will be kept at a distance, with cameras no closer than the cemetery's main gate.
Only his family and closest friends will attend the private funeral inside the ornate Great Mausoleum on the grounds of Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, California.
Little is known about the planned ceremony, though CNN has confirmed that singer Gladys Knight, a longtime friend to Jackson, will perform. Her song has not been disclosed.
The massive mausoleum, which is normally open to tourists, was closed on Wednesday as preparations were completed for the funeral. A security guard blocking its entrance said it would reopen to the public on Friday.
Jackson's burial has been delayed by division among Jackson family members, though it was matriarch Katherine Jackson who would make the final decision, brother Jermaine Jackson recently told CNN.

Source : IBNLIVE

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