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How To Fix iTunes Error 5002 ?

If you have Ipod or Iphone you must have Itunes too.How to get rid of problem called -error 5002-

This problem came in to picture only after new iTumes 8.0, when user start updating this new version.They receive this error message “We could not complete your iTunes Store Request. An unknown error occurred (5002). There was an error in the Itunes Store. Please try again later.”

If you follow the below instructions:

* First of all back up Mobile Applications from /Users/myusername/Music/iTunes copy them to another disk

* After backed up, please reverify that you’ve got a copy , open iTunes BE SURE THAT YOUR IPHONE/IPOD NOT CONNECTED and select all your applications and delete them. (if your iPhone/iPod were connected, it would now start helpfully deleting apps) DO NOT DELETE YOUR BACK UP !!!

* if sure all applications deleted quit iTunes Start iTunes again and verify that you have no apps listed

* Drag your backup Mobile Applications folder to your open iTunes window — if you have default iTunes settings (copy/manage my music), then iTunes will start re-adding your applications.

* Please check the iTunes notices carefully if you receive a mesage like”an OLDER version of this app already exists, do you want to replace it” (you DO), or “a NEWER version of this app already exists, do you want to replace it” (you DON’T), or this app already exists as the same version (replace it).

* Quit iTunes, then restart it to “set” the changesThe error should be fixed.

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